Adelaide Face Paint, Glitter Tattoos and more


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$100 per hour. Minimum booking: 1 hour

.63 cents per km fee for venues further than 20km from Adelaide

For no extra cost I can offer both Face Painting and Glitter Tattoos at the same event.

How long do you need me?

  • Full face painting: 15 faces p/hr. Mini cheek or hand art: 70 p/hr
  • Glitter Tattoos: 16 p/hr

I can adapt between full faces and mini art depending on how busy your event is. I can also organise or subcontract additional artists for you.

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Suitable for

  • Birthday Parties and Events, all ages
  • Government (eg openings through the DPTI)
  • Corporate or business (eg. Adelaide Zoo)
  • Community (residential care centres, disability events, childcare, awareness and fundraising)


What does this pay for?

Rates are not my hourly wage. They represent considerable time, skills, and excellent service.

  • Friendly service! I’m experienced with children and the publicWatercolour logo cropped copyright
  • Rapid, high quality artwork from a genuine artist and experienced professional face painter
  • Professional quality, skin safe products
  • Fuel and travel costs to your venue
  • Free aftercare cards for clients
  • Complete setup with table and chairs
  • Sanitising and cleaning kits after every event
  • Unbillable hours running a small business: administration, stock, arranging bookings, etc.